About Us

Simpson Employees Federal Credit Union, was established in Mason County on December 3, 1941 by a group of loggers.  Their vision to having their own credit union was to offer fair savings and loan rates to workers unable to get basic financial services from the local bank.

Since then the credit union changed it’s name to Our Community Credit Union (OCCU) to better reflect the growing and diversified members base. In 2010, OCCU expanded it’s field of membership to include all residents in the state of Washington.

Since 1941, OCCU has remained true to its roots, providing personal, caring service while creating innovative and flexible financial products and services that are focused on helping members meet their financial goals.

OCCU has over 400 million in assets, over 34,000 members and operates eight branches throughout Mason, Grays Harbor, Thurston and King County.


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(360) 426-9701
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OCCU Routing #: 325182357