Online Bill Payer

Online Bill Payer provides you with 24/7 bill paying convenience!
Tired of spending hours writing checks, buying stamps, paying your bills, worrying about whether they’ll get there on time?

Relax, take control of your finances, and enjoy the convenience of online bill payment.

Online Bill Payer will simplify your life!

  • Fast – Pay your bills online with just a few clicks! All you need is a copy of your bill!
  • Easy – Detailed instructions help you make sure your payments are processed correctly.
  • FREE – The Bill Payer feature comes free with your checking account. You can pay as many bills as you want each month at no charge. Please note that you will be charged a $5.95 inactivity fee if you do not access the system and pay at least one bill during the billing cycle for that month.  You may also be charged a $20 fee if you elect to stop payment on a bill within 10 days of the payment date.
  • Safe – Your account and payment information are password-protected. Data encryption and firewall technology ensure the security and privacy of your transactions.
  • Versatile – Pay bills one at a time or set up recurring payments. It’s up to you! If you like, download your history into Quicken or Microsoft Money to closely manage your finances.
  • Convenient – Pay your bills whenever you want, day or night!
  • Supported – We’re here for you! Simply call our toll-free number to speak to a trained, helpful member service representative.

More questions?  Ask us on Live Chat or call us at (360) 426-9701 or (800) 426-5657.

Introducing PopMoney – a new part of Online Bill Payer. 
  • No checks, stamps or cash to pay someone back
  • No need to wait for checks to cash
  • No trips to the bank to deposit money
  • No high fees — it’s only $1.00 to send and no cost to receive money
Get started today!  Meet our latest addition: PopMoney, the fast way to send or receive money at any time. So quick and easy, you can pay for those college books before the term begins. And because PopMoney is part of Bill Payer, sending money has never been more secure or convenient — just login using your existing online password. The money goes directly from your bank account into their account usually within one business day, regardless of where they bank.

It’s easy to get started:
Already enrolled in Bill Payer? Then it’s easy to use PopMoney.
  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Click on Bill Payer under the eServices tab
  • Click “PopMoney” tab within Bill Payer
  • Enter the person’s e-mail address or mobile phone number and the amount to pay

It’s that simple!

Claiming Payments:
How a PopMoney payment is claimed varies based on whether the recipient is an OCCU member or even a PopMoney user. Below are four scenarios that can affect how payments are claimed:

  • If you are an OCCU member who already uses Bill Payer, you are automatically a PopMoney user. You can claim any money sent to you through the “PopMoney” option within Bill Payer.
  • If you are an OCCU member who does not use Bill Payer, you can become a Bill Payer user and claim your PopMoney payments. The first time you receive a PopMoney payment you will be directed to our Online Banking. If you choose not to become an Bill Payer user, you can still claim your money by creating an account through the website.
  • Individuals who are not OCCU members and are not PopMoney users will be invited (via email or text message) to become PopMoney users when they are notified they have been sent a payment. The payment notification includes the amount that has been sent along with a secure transaction code. The money will be deposited into the individual’s account once they become a PopMoney user.
  • If you send money to someone who is not an OCCU member, but is already a PopMoney user, they will claim their funds through the financial institution and account they have designated for PopMoney or by creating an account through the website, whichever is applicable to their situation. 

For a complete list of our fees, including Bill Payer fees, please check our Fee Schedule.