Member Services

Mobile Alerts 
Enjoy more protection and peace of mind, with OCCU Mobile Alerts powered by VISA®.  OCCU Alerts for Debit powered by VISA® notify you of VISA® Debit Card activity, so you can help reduce fraud and monitor your spending anytime, anywhere. 

Coinstar Machines
We offer a Coinstar machine at the Shelton Mountain View Branch. Simply bring your loose coins and the machine will total your amount and provide you a receipt that you can cash or deposit into your OCCU account! This service is available for members only. Please ask for details.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Safe Deposit service is available at all our branches, excluding Union and Montesano Branches. Sizes range from 3” x 5” to 10” x 10.” Refer to the  OCCU Fee Schedules for pricing information.

Night Deposit
Safe and secure drop boxes are available at each branch 24/7.

Notary Services
OCCU offers notary services at all of our branches, free of charge for all OCCU members.

Refer to the OCCU Fee Schedule for pricing information.

Co-Op Shared Branching
An international extension of OCCU.  We have joined forces with other credit unions so that you can conduct financial transactions wherever you live, work, or travel.

Teaming up with over 1,300 credit unions nationwide to give you access to over 5,500 locations in 47 states, Puerto Rico, Japan, South Korea, Italy and Germany.  And, these numbers keep growing as more states and credit unions join the Co-Op Shared Branching Network.

Check out to find a location near you. 

30,000 ATMs Nationwide

Does it seem like we’re always on the move, dropping something off here, or running an errand there? If this feels like your daily routine, take comfort in knowing that you have 24-hour access to fast cash.

Find over 30,000 ATMs nationwide with the CULiance Network ATM Locator

For your convenience, we provide several online calculators to assist you in your financial planning. Calculator.