Grants awarded to local schools

The Community Partner Education Grant (CPEG) committee awarded $23,850 in grants to thirty-seven teachers in both Grays Harbor and Mason Counties in Washington State.

A wide variety of unique projects and programs were funded, such as a trip to a vertical wind tunnel, digital cameras and 3D printers, and learning expeditions in the great outdoors*.  Usually teachers would have to pay for these items or programs themselves, as typically funds are not available through regular school district resources.  A complete list of approved grants is below.

This is the fifth year that CPEG has been able to award grants of up to $1,000 to local educators.  The committee approved 95% of the applications this cycle.  The partnership is comprised of nine local businesses, including Belco Forest Products, Elma Family Dental, Green Diamond Resource Company, Hood Canal Communications, Our Community Credit Union, Shelton Dental Center, Sierra Pacific Foundation, Simpson Door Company, and Vaughan Co, Inc.  Since its inception, the dollar amount and number of approved grants has nearly doubled.

Founded in 2014, the Community Partners Education Grant (CPEG) has awarded over $90,000 of K-12 grant requests.  This unique program provides funding for educational projects and programs while allowing teachers great flexibility to develop them.  CPEG is local businesses supporting local educators with funds to enrich the student’s learning environment.

For more information, please visit the CPEG Facebook page.

* A few additional projects include special education programs, books, GED testing, robotics equipment, art materials, welding fabrication tools, and graphing calculators.

CPEG Awarded Grants for 2018/19 School Year

Teacher School Grade Project/Program
Diana Smith Beacon Elementary K,1,2 Supporting Readers through Book Ownership
Brian Wirzbicki Bordeaux Elementary 4 JA BizTown
Julie Crawford East Grays Harbor High School 9,10,11,12 GED Testing Support
Alyssa Maslen Elma Elementary School K Steps to Social Success: Kindergarten Style
Chris Scofield Elma Elementary School K,1,2 Teach Town Social Skills Curriculum Spec Ed
Debbie Woodruff Elma Elementary School K Sensory Work Stations
Kim Clark/Ilene Wade Elma Elementary School K Class-to-Home Reading Program
Becki Spivey Elma High School 9,10,11,12 Special Education Class Curriculum & Materials
Chris Aiken Elma High School 9,10,11,12 Elma Math Department
Rachelle Ridout Elma High School 9,10,11,12 Elma Math Department
Emily Bucy Elma High School 9,10,11,12 Special Education Lifeskills
Kerry Murphy Elma High School 10,11,12 Mini Q’s in US History & Economics
Wendy Beldin Elma High School 9,10,11,12 Positive Behavior Intervention & Support
Kim Hinderlie Elma Middle School 8 Books for Homeroom!
Lori Carossino Elma Middle School 7 Road Trip Washington
Aide Villalobos Evergreen Elementary 2 Young Ornithologists
Katie Pitroff Grapeview School K Unit Blocks for STEM
Alexia Hadfield Hawkins Middle School 7,8 Science/CTE/Project Lead the Way
Austin Crossman Hood Canal Elementary K-4 Sensory Items
Brenda Kabat / Laurie Byrd Hood Canal School 8 iFLY day of STEM
Melanie Lankford / Kelsey Parks Hood Canal School 2 Mapping the Skokomish
Mandy Biggs McCleary School 3 Lets Get Outside and Explore
Candace Ranney Mt View Elementary K,1,2,3,4,5 Digital Photography/Yearbook
Colin McGrane Oakland Bay Jr High 8,9 Chess Team
Mark MacLean Oakland Bay Jr High 8,9 Dress for Success!
Aimee Keiper Olympic Middle School 6,7 3d printer
Daniel Deacon Pioneer Middle School 6,7,8 Photo Studio/Yearbook
Jacob Fullington Shelton High School 10,11,12 Engineering, CAD, Electronics
Jennifer Simpson Shelton High School 10,11,12 FBLA
Matt Gordon Shelton High School 9,10,11,12 Skills USA
Matthew Montoya Shelton High School 9,10,11,12 Fabrication Table Clamps
Robin Clarey Shelton High School 8,9,10,11,12 Shelton High School Robotics
Sherry Simon Shelton High School 10,11,12 Skills USA Photography
Candace Hollatz Simpson Elementary 5 Lessons Learned to Outdoor Science
Emily Egger Simpson Elementary 3,4,5,6 Reusable Items & Simpson Snack Program
Erica Fredrickson Simpson Elementary 4 Squaxin Island Museum & Library Research Ctr
Lynn Cranston Simpson Elementary 3 Art Integration

CPEG Member Businesses:

Community Partner education grants businesses: Belco Forest Products, Green Diamond Resources, elma family dental, hood canal communications, shelton dental center, simpson door company, sierra pacific foundation, our community credit union and Vaughan chopper pumps.